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Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) is a holistic process that involves the entire community in imagining a better future and creating a plan for how to get there. CCPs are holistic: They look at all aspects of the community including the environment, the economy, the land and people, programs, housing, etc. CCPs are also action-focused: They recommend priority actions for making things better for everyone. Finally, CCPs are inclusive: They are created by the entire community and often help to repair relationships, build community, and rebuild trust. Much of the effort of creating a CCP goes into encouraging all members to get involved and work together.

  • A Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) is a Kashechewan citizen-led approach to planning where the process is driven and owned by all rather than Council, a small group, or committee.

  • A CCP is a holistic process enabling all of us to build a roadmap to sustainability, self-sufficiency, and improved governance.

  • A CCP enables KFN to establish a vision for our future and implement projects to achieve this vision.

  • A CCP helps to ensure projects and programs are thought through, make sense, and are the best use of resources.

  • A CCP integrates and links all other plans KFN has produced.

To learn more about the CCP, read the following Toolkit:


Comprehensive Community Planning Coordinator

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