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Under the current Leadership of Kashechewan First Nation, the Executive Director helps on the overall Internal and External mandates. The Executive Director will ensure that all operations are conducted in a respectful and responsible way, ensuring that all decisions and actions meet the relevant legislation, policies, and procedures.


The First Nation serves its members under their programs, services, projects and operates self-government which is responsible day-day operations of the First Nation. The Band Office is a focal point in the community as most of the services provided to the membership are administered through its offices.

The Executive Director also ensures all services are properly delivered within each department and is accountable to the members of the Kashechewan First Nation. Providing and Keeping track of partnerships inside the community and outside governments, Businesses, and agencies are mutually beneficial and respectful.

Conredge Solomon

Executive Director

Jean Williams

Executive Assistant

Zoe Lazarus

Executive Secretary

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