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The Kashechewan First Nation Chief and Council is the governing body and represents the KFN membership. 


Kashechewan First Nation has its own custom election code. Elections are held every three years, the most recently in August of 2021.  The Band Council consists of one(1) Chief, one(1) Deputy Chief, and nine(9) Councillors.

Our First Nation is currently in the midst of developing the Council Code of Conduct, creating the Structure guidelines, and amending the Custom Election Code. 

The Office of the Chief and Council strives to maintain positive working relationships with community members, local organizations, all Nation departments, municipal, federal, provincial, intergovernmental, and other external stakeholders.

Chief Gaius Wesley

Deputy Chief Betsy Lazarus

Councilour Members

Freddy Wesley

Sheperd Wynne

Wayne Lazarus

Abraham Wynne

Michael Goodwin

Henry Koosees

John M Wesley

Lawrence Goodwin Sr

Raven Friday


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