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The objective of the Kashechewan Housing Department is to plan, develop, and maintain the KFN housing infrastructure with the principles of providing quality and affordable housing; promoting pride; homeownership responsibility, healthy homes, and individual well-being; and safeguard and manage the community’s capital housing investment.

The duties of the Housing Staff are to administrate and manage the housing program, secure funding, submit reports to the appropriate agencies, assist Community Members and occupants with their request and/or concerns, work with contractors, Canada Mortgage and Housing Commission (CMHC), Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), Chief and Council and other programs within Kashechewan First Nation.

Other duties are creating a Community Housing Strategy and ensure all work and activities within the department are conducted in a safe and presentable manner. Coordinates, manages, and oversees all housing activities to ensure that houses are maintained, rents are collected, files are kept up to date, tenants are adhering to policy as set out in housing policy and tenant agreements

Peter Lazarus

Housing Director

Steven Wesley


Joseph A Inishinapay

Housing Maintenance


Housing Manager

Ricky Goodwin

Plumbing Maintenance

Ernest Wesley

Housing Maintenance

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