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Membership Clerk

The Membership office is responsible for maintaining the First Nation's Registry list and Band membership list. Please ensure our office has all pertinent information such as your address, any change in updated Life events, and name. Your information would need to be up to date at all times. 

2 Pieces of Identification is required: 

Acceptable identification can include your driver's license, health card, passport, birth certificate, or expired status card (no more than 6 months expired). Other I.D. may also be accepted. 

Note: If you are not a member of Kashechewan First Nation, please contact your First Nation’s band office and inform them that you are renewing or replacing your status card. We will need your First Nation to email or fax to our office. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If your child is not registered or is a newborn, we highly encourage you to register your baby or child(ren) as soon as possible, we appreciate your cooperation

Secure Certificate of Indian Status

If you have been issued a Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS), you are not eligible to apply for a Laminated Status Card. You can apply for a Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS) by completing the application available on the ISC website. 


Membership Clerk

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