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The intent of the Ontario Works program is to help people in financial need, find sustainable employment, and achieve self-reliance through the provision of effective, integrated employment services and financial assistance.


Ontario Works offers two types of assistance;


Financial Assistance: Help with the essential costs of living (such as basic needs and shelter costs) and benefits for clients and their eligible family members


Employment Assistance: To help clients find, prepare for and keep a job. This assistance may include:


-  Workshops

-  Job counseling

-  Job-specific training

-  Access to basic education, so clients can finish high school or improve their language skills


In most cases, a client must agree to participate in employment assistance activities in order to receive financial assistance.


Emergency Assistance is also available to people who are in an emergency situation (e.g. people who have lost their homes, are leaving an abusive relationship in relocating, and/or are worried about their safety).


Also, our department has support for Ontario Disability Support Clients.

Dorothy Williams

Director of Ontario Works

Crystal Koosees

Administrative Assistant

Angela Wesley

Finance Supervisor

Percy Wesley

Diane Koosees

Eligibility Reviewing Officer

Lucyann Friday

Sammi Lazarus

Partnership Development and Training Officer

Sherlyn Koosees

Finance Assistant - GWA

Finance Assistant - Admin

Employment Support


Tamara Koosees - Shawna Koosees - Melina Lazarus - Sharon A. Koosees

Lizzie H Reuben - Priscilla Wesley - Valerie Koosees - Starlina Lazarus

Lindsey Wesley (Interim) - Sharon F Koosees (Interim)

George Friday


Johnny Wynne

Night Security/Watchman

Leonard Goodwin Jr

Night Security/Watchman

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