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About Our Community

Kashechewan is rich in culture and language, the community is vibrant in embracing positive changes. Community members depend on the land and waterways as its been for time of immemorial of hunting, trapping, fishing, and knowing the roots of each foot. With its natural beautiful scenery, it’s a welcoming place. Kashechewan is also known to be “The Hockey Town” as hockey is the biggest sport in the community.


In this community website it will be a look-in-depth about the Cree community of Kashechewan First Nation.




Kashechewan First Nation is a Cree community located in Northern Ontario on the shores of the Western James Bay coast. Kashechewan is under the Albany Band #67 which share with the nearest community, For Albany First Nation. Kashechewan originally name is “Keesheechewan” which means “Fast flowing river” the name Kashechewan has no Cree meaning in our language.


The other surround communities of Fort Albany, Attawapiskat, Moosonee, and Moose Cree are available through the temporary winter road & fly-in. The nearest large urban centre is Timmins, 460 km S of Kashechewan


Since time immemorial, the First Nation has continuously functioned, determined, occupied, and valued within our Cree rights, traditions, principles, land, and peoples.


Kashechewan is a dry community and ALL arriving passengers at airport and via winter road undergo a luggage check for alcohol and/or illegal substances.

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