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Our People

The People help determine the past, current, and future of our community needs on a short-term, mid-term, and long-term basis. They help with service needs; help sustain where our community is now and the site 5 relocation which is to focus on how our culture and values kashechewan’s way of life.

A total population survey was done in the year 2019 for the Cree community of Kashechewan First Nation.


The mandate of the Kashechewan First Nation On-Reserve population survey October 2019 is to conduct, certify, and report on the current, accurate On-reserve population census of the Kashechewan First Nation On-reserve band members.


The total population of the Kashechewan First Nation is 1,825, which a population survey was conducted by CreeGEO. 96% of the population survey was completed.


This survey will help achieve a standard of living and care consistent with other Canadians. It will assist with strategic community planning and economic development. This census will also give a voice to all members of our Kashechewan First Nation Cree community on our Reserve Lands and on our Traditional lands.

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Off-Reserve Population

A question was asked at the end of the population survey regarding the off-reserve population and whether households had family members currently living off-reserve that would return provided better housing and employment opportunities existed.

90 of out 333 households answered that family member off-reserve and provided names, location, and family relationships.

When advertising for the survey collection, many off-reserve members contacted KFN about wanting to fill out a survey. KFN collected names, location, age, and band numbers where possible, understanding that the off-reserve population is out of the scope of this survey collection project.

Cree is the dominant language spoken in our community, whereas most kids speak it as our first language. Cree is spoken in 86% at the homes. 

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