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Public Works' mandate is to ensure the health and safety of both their employees and the community at large through regular maintenance of the unit itself and the First Nation. 

  • Road Maintenance

  • Ditching and draining

  • Winter snow removal

  • Roadside culverts 

  • New Road Construction

  • Dust control​

  • Lagoon Maintenance

  • Garage Sustainability 

  • Landfill Operations 

  • Maintain KFN Vehicles and Equipment 


Water Treatment Plant

Kashechewan water supply is sourced from the Albany River, whereas the water is stored and treated at the water treatment plant before supplying to the community. Northern Water Works have been running our water treatment plant for many years. In early 2019, Kashechewan ended the partnership and has been running our own water supply with our local workers.

Solid Waste Management 

Kashechewan collects garbage from all residential and private home residents in the community where it is all transferred to the local community landfill. The Community Landfill has signs located for specific waste to be poured from metal, tires, wood, and general waste. The garbage collectors pick up garbage on a weekly basis to create a safe environment in the community.

Joel Sr Stephen

Public Works Supervisor

Isaiah Sutherland

Water Treatment Plant Operator

Bobby Wynne

Solid Waste Supervisor

Jimmy I Wynne

Isaiah N Wynne

Billy Jack Goodwin

Public Works Assitant

Water Treatment Plant Operator

Solid Waste Worker

Malachi Wynne

Justin Wesley

David L Wynne


Water Treatment Plant Operator

Solid Waste Worker

Neil Wynne


Caleb Friday

Operator in Training

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