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Visiting Us

Kashechewan is a wonderful place to visit, with its beautiful scenery and natural vast lands that connect with the mighty Albany river. The only way to access our community is through only air or temporarily in the winter months via winter road and weetum road. 

Visiting us you will see the land through the eyes of the Crees and share our culture and traditions, admire the lowland territory and its natural surroundings. We Welcome You!

Staying in our Community 

C & C's Bed and Breakfast

The Local motel is an 8 bedroom bed and breakfast which is the best motel in the community. It is comfortable, will make for a wonderful experience, and very convenient for out-of-town guests.


705 - 275 - 9984

10 Church St

Kashechewan, ON P0L1S0               


Owned and operated by Cherlyn & Chester Wesley, local first nation members. 

Coming to our Community 


Air Creebec

There are three flights a week to Kashechewan Via Air Creebec from Timmins and along the coastal communities. The flights are short and inflight meals and snacks are served while on the route.


Air Creebec | Timmins
4599, route de l’Aéroport
Timmins, Ontario  P4N 7C3

705 - 264 - 9521

Local Air Creebec: 705 - 275 - 1026

Thunder Airlines

Thunder Airlines operates scheduled flights seven days a week in Northern Ontario along the James Bay coast. A convenient 9 seat plane will make your flight comfortable.


Thunder Airlines | Timmins
75 General Aviation Road
Timmins, Ontario  P4N 7C3

705 - 264 - 2799

Local Thunder Air: 705 - 275 - 1811

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